Why life is worth living for...
this is my inspiration
Sample Story Titles

These are just suggestions only.
Feel free to design your own.
If you want to use any of the below, you can copy-paste it to your TITLE field.

Also try to change the subject if appropriate like this:
“SHE makes me happy” use instead “Mary makes me happy”.

"Coming home after Iraq is a blessing!"

"This is my 2nd chance at life after Afghanistan as a soldier"

"Life with this disability makes me special"

"I know now why I was saved!

"He is the love of my life!"

"He makes me happy!"

"The best pet I ever had!"

"The best friend I ever had"

"The best thing in my life!"

"Makes me smile!"

"He saved my life!"

"I share everything with him!"

"The love of my life!"

"I am special to him!"

"She makes me feel important!"

"We always laugh together!"

"We share every secret together!"

"We share the great memories together!"

"We love each other!"

"My job is the best thing for me!"

"My pet is my joy!"

"I enjoy driving with my car... "

"I enjoy cooking for my family..."

"I enjoy cooking for my friends"

"I enjoy going out with my friends and family"

"My friends make me feel beautiful and needed!"

"My friends and family accepts me as i am.."

"They make me feel accepted... "

"My mom is wonderful!"

"My dad is wonderful!"

"My sister is wonderful!"

"My brother is wonderful!"

"My husband is wonderful"

"My wife is wonderful!"

"My children are wonderful!"

"Thank You Lord for my life!"
Have a nice day!