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Sample Inspirational Stories

These are just suggestions only.
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Sample 1.

My son just came home from Iraq and my life has changed and so is his.
I know it is a struggle but seeing him alive and physically have no injuries is a blessing! We both know something inside him is not the same.
In picture 1, well that is him!
Picture 2 was taken during his return.
Picture 3 is his favorite food.
Sample 2.

My life was not the same since I found Roger.
He makes insignificant things to me before become relevant and  I appreciate their presence.
He is not a perfect person but his honesty, dedication and strength has affected me like never before.
In picture 1, that is him!
Picture 2 was taken during our trip in Germany.
Picture 3 is his favorite chair.
Sample 3.

My mother although not well now is still the love of my life.
Looking at her struggle to walk and talk is very painful to me.
But what if she had died in that stroke that would have been worst.
This is a second chance in both our lives and we want to spend it the best way we can.
In picture 1, that is her!
Picture 2 was taken during one of meals together.
Picture 3 was my baby picture with herÖmany years ago.
Sample 4.

Although my wife and I struggle in our finances and still paying debts, we are hopeful and look forward for a better tomorrow.
Two of my children have now finished college, and only one left to goÖ
We do not expect them to pay us back but hope they can start their own lives.
In picture 1, thatís our house!
Picture 2 is our family picture.
Picture 3 was taken during one of our vacations.
Sample 5.

With my new job, I am very excited to start a new chapter of my life.
Never thought that I could end up being hired here, with so many applicants, who would have thought I got it!
I hope to learn more, build a career and meet new friends.
In picture 1, thatís me!
Picture 2 thatís still me and my friends.
Picture 3, my brother and me.