We developed a personal prayer guide that we wish to share with         you. Please feel free to expand, copy or make changes to fit your needs. You can click on the underlined links below to open up the prayer details in a pop-up screen. Close it after reading for the next one.
Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear to my cry; hold not Your peace at my tears!
Prayer Guide
Day What to pray Day What to pray Day What to pray
1 Holy Spirit's presence in my life 11 For humility and patience 21 For our Christian workers
2 Protection from evil manipulation 12 For selflessness and kindness 22 For schools and colleges
3 Protection from accidents and illnesses 13 For honesty and integrity 23 God�s spirit on the missionaries
4 For Inner peace 14 For life of prayerfulness 24 For world peace
5 For joy and contentment 15 For love of God�s words 25 For solutions to poverty and hunger
6 Spirit of love 16 For my salvation 26 For healing of the sick and suffering
7 Spirit of supplication 17 For salvation of the souls of my dearly departed 27 For the elderly and the lonely
8 Be filled with faith and hope 18 For God�s intercession in difficult times 28 For the children and the innocents
9 Have a spirit of servitude 19 For our nations leaders 29 For end to injustices
10 For self-control and purity 20 For our business leaders and innovators 30 For the prisoners
        31 For our enemies and evildoers
Prayer is an effort to communicate with God, either to offer praises, to make a request, or simply to express one's thoughts and emotions
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