Our Mission
To provide a space to those who need to post their prayer requests
     and remain anonymous. No membership required. We have categorized
     the prayer requests and anybody can post his or her request according
     to these categories.

To provide a venue to those who wish to become online prayer partners
     and also remain anonymous. One can choose which prayer request he
     or she is able to commit to pray for.

To provide online record of prayer requests and prayers answered. We
     encourage those posting his or her prayer requests to update his / her
     records with how God answered them. A database is maintained to hold
     these records accessible only to that person.

To enable the one posting to received emails from those praying for him
     / her, if he or she wishes to communicate with them. You are provided
     with an email address by our system; your email will not be be seen
     or displayed unless you include them in your prayer texts, which we do
     not encourage.

To bring a message of hope and encouragement to those who are
     lonely, feeling abandoned, separated from spouse, broken relationships,
     financially down, desperate, lost, sick or their love ones. We want to
     reach out to those who do not have someone to pray for them or listen
     to them. Yes, we are here and God loves you!
God bless!