By checking this checkbox you allow anyone to send you emails using our system-generated email address. Read below for more information.

Abusive email

If you receive an abusive email response to one of your posts, forward the information to the "abuse" address for the sender's email account provider. In addition, it may help to set up a block against the sender's email address in your email client. (GHM) cannot control those who wish to send you an email and  are not responsible for the content of those emails.

Your Privacy

In addition to the PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY statement in the Legal Notice, GHM would like to say that we do not share your email address to anyone.

From March 1, 2009 and forward, we no longer create system generated emails for our members. And all previously assigned email addresses to our members no longer exist.

If you put a YES check on the question “Show Email?”,  it means that you agree that your email address will be displayed once a member opens up your prayer requests and your testimonies. In Testimonies both members and non-members can see your email address.

GHM do not read or review those emails before they are sent out. They are mailed directly to your personal mailbox.


Email communication opens the possibility of spammers, scammers, and worms.
We have tried and still combating these practices, but it's a never-ending battle.

If you receive emails like below please be very careful in dealing with them.
As we said before, GHM is not responsible and in no way part of these groups.

Here are some recent examples:

    * Nigerian Financial
    * Professional email harvesters and spammers
    * Commercial website spammers